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Here is the website to fully engage you with the fascinating and awesome world of Our Coast! Under the waves, inter-tidal reefs, mangrove plantations, kelp-bed forests and coastal estuarine habitats are all part of the simply amazing marine world. But make no mistake - they are all under threat like never before – from things like overfishing, pollution, human impact and storm water discharges. Our Coast needs your help and this site is a small part of how to learn about what is happening and how you can and should make a difference. I mean, when it's all said and done, who wants to one day put their hand up and say/claim “I am the one to have caught the last fish".

Greg James is from a 5th gen Australian family with proud Danish, Irish and Cornish ancestry. During World War 11 his father served in the 2/9th Battalion (Rats of Tobruk) and his mother served as a Flight Sargent (WAAAF) in 'I' Section (Order of Battle) of Z Special Unit. Greg's grandfather Fred Cawte caused many a headache when he wrote and published "The Pathfinder" mental arithmetic book for Australian and English Primary Schools when working for Rigby Publishing. Greg has a Master of Education degree from the University of Tasmania. Greg was a member of the Marine Parks Council of SA 2011-2014 and a member of the Local Advisory Group (LAG) for Lower Yorke Peninsula Marine Park 13  2009-2011. Catch Greg each week on ABC 891/639/1485 radio!

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Greg fully recognises and acknowledges both copyright and intellectual property of the authors of the papers and reports presented on this website. Greg would also like to sincerely thank:

Professor Rob Lewis, Science without Bounds
Dr Stephen Madigan, Cooe Pty Ltd (www.cooe.com.au)
Sean Lahiff, film maker (www.seanlahiff.com)
Club Marine Insurance (www.clubmarine.com.au)
The Fitzpatrick Family Trust